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additional clinic features and resources


TMJ plus 

Releasing muscles within the mouth can alleviate acute or chronic pain from night clenching or grinding, TMJ syndrome or whiplash related misalignments of the jaw. With gloved hands, I use swedish massage and craniosacral techniques effectively.


Breast Massage

As an RMT, I am specifically trained and regulated to offer preventative breast care relating to hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, scar care and wellness. I offer informative Breast Massage brochures for home review or with other caregivers.

End of Life Massage 

The reasons and requirements for therapeutic and caring touch often change when a diagnosis is identified, an illness progresses or dying nears. I bring a mindful, flexible approach to both client and caregiver communications and to massage planning, positioning and pillowing.


Meditation Space

Massage is an ideal time to go inward. A focus on an inspiring word or a centering meditation can bring you closer to your authentic spirit – a contentment in itself. Feeling your heart slow to transcending musical soundscapes can bring a peace which strengthens you to embrace challenges with more lightness and less struggle. I encourage and facilitate meditation that fits and feels right for you/your massage.


Researched Referrals

It is my responsibility to know who I am referring and why they might be a good fit for you. My own health challenges along the way have given me opportunities to experience diverse approaches to healing. I offer well researched referrals if you are looking to explore and expand your complementary healthcare options.  


Lending Library

A broad range of holistic, health-oriented books are available to encourage you to explore and learn at home.


Herb Garden Oasis

In 2014, a dream of a waiting area herb garden came to be. In warm temperatures, stroll into a container garden of lavender, sweet geranium, rosemary, basil and french tarragon. Let the beauty and fragrance calm and invite you into your body through the special senses before your massage even begins.

Health & Safety Measures 

Sel has been fully vaccinated. Current Provincial Public Health Covid-19 screening questions are emailed with your appt reminder, your required Covid screening answers are emailed back to Sel before your treatment

Clinic health and safety measures include an ultraviolet air purification unit wall-mounted at the head of the massage table. 


Registered Massage Therapist Guelph
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