what to expect


Most often, massage treatments last from a half hour to an hour.  If it is your first treatment with me, I require a 45 minute appointment. By reviewing your health history with you, I can effectively guide you toward a treatment focus for the day and for a subsequent treatment plan. The suggested type of massage, areas to be treated, hydrotherapy and the treatment schedule are designed to reflect your immediate concern, your goals for wellness and my clinical experience.


If you consent to my suggestions for the day, I will give you privacy to undress to your level of comfort, to get between the sheets and to position yourself for treatment.  Please ask for assistance if your level of ability requires it and I will be glad to tell you how I can help.


REMEMBER, only one specific area at a time will be uncovered and will have been previously approved by you before being worked on.  Should you change your mind at ANY time regarding the areas to be treated or the focus, tell me and your decision will be immediately respected. During the treatment, your consent, feelings of comfort and safety are of utmost importance. Please speak up when I ask you for feedback on this.



questions about pain and massage therapy?


Does massage therapy hurt? Is pain during a massage OK? What if I start to feel pain? Isn’t pain a sign that the massage is effective?


Massage can be used for maintaining overall physical wellness, increasing relaxation or rehabilitating injuries and repetitive strains from home, work and recreational activities.  All of the above uses are considered therapeutic in nature and CAN bring out pain responses that vary in each person.  Pain responses are also affected by an individual’s overall health, activity levels, nutritional habits and sleeping patterns.  There is what RMTs term good pain and bad pain.  GOOD PAIN FEELS LIKE IT IS LEAVING YOUR BODY, BAD PAIN FEELS LIKE IT IS COMING IN. Good pain experienced within a massage can be very healing if your consent, tolerance levels and treatment goals are aligned and safely managed by me.


I will monitor and adjust pressure, techniques and duration of time in a particular area according to your feedback. The use of a pain scale is helpful in maintaining your comfort and our communication connection. I use the colors of a traffic light. 



is it normal to feel pain after a massage?


A person’s response to each massage is so individual because of some of the factors mentioned above.  If there is some pain or tenderness, the usual duration is 1 – 2 days, after which the person feels better than before their massage. This is often reported as a greater, pain-free range of motion and ease in their usual activities of daily living.  Cold pack use in the specific area, an epsom salt bath and protein the day of your massage is ideal. This maximizes fresh blood flow, detoxification and tissue repair by clearing out pain-causing substances released in the treatment.  


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